Boy Moves to Poor Grandma’s House to Take Care of Her, Finds Wads of Cash Stuffed in Old Couch — Story of the Day

Despite his mom’s refusal and threat, a teenage boy moved to his poor granny’s house to take care of her. One night, he found a mysterious box stuffed with a life-changing jackpot hidden in an old couch.

“Granny knows best” is not just an old saying. A lot of wisdom and knowledge is concealed behind it. Sometimes, it might turn the wheel of fortune to a hidden jackpot, just like how it did for an unsuspecting Tom.

The 14-year-old boy’s grandma, Margaret Smith, 65, moved to a secluded neighborhood to enjoy her life peacefully. She was widowed, and somewhere in her heart, she knew her two children, Nancy and Jeanne, would care for her.

“They are my children. They would never abandon me because I’ve done so much for them, and they love me,” Margaret often thought, confident in her trust in her kids…

Nancy and Jeanne often visited their old mother but only talked about her money and nothing else. They knew their mom had saved a huge chunk of money in the bank and competed to win her attention. But things turned sour when Nancy took her mom’s card to pay for an online transaction, which was declined.

Curious and scared, the boy took the box out and gasped in shock. There was a note… “This handwriting looks familiar,” he mumbled.
“Mom? What happened to your card? I was paying for my shoes, and it was declined,” shrieked Nancy. “What’s wrong?”

“What did you do with your money, mom?” added Jeanne. “Nancy was only trying to pay $250, but it wouldn’t go through.”

“I’m sorry, darlings, but I spent all my money,” Margaret said. “I only have $5 in my account now.”

“Spent all of it???” the daughters angrily chorused. “Why didn’t you tell us? What was the need for you to spend all that money?”

Margaret refused to answer her daughters and told them not to talk about that money again. But little did she know her beloved daughters would decide to cut her off from their lives after learning she was penniless.

From that day onward, Margaret never heard from her daughters again. They never picked up her calls and refused to talk to her whenever she came to visit. Eventually, Margaret realized her daughters didn’t want her around anymore and embraced the bitter truth.

“Mom, why haven’t we visited granny? We promised to clean her house every weekend,” Nancy’s son Tom, 14, asked one day.

“She can deal with it herself,” fumed Nancy. “We have a lot of work, and we can’t waste time looking after her…Why should we bother about her for nothing?”

Tom was upset, and his mother prohibited him when he said he would visit his granny.

“If you disobey me, then you’ll have to forget about your mountain bike and pocket money,” she threatened.

Although the boy wanted to help his grandma, he could not disobey his mother. Meanwhile, poor Margaret’s health started to take a toll on her well-being, and she thought her daughters would help her out.

“Sweetheart, mama is sick,” she wrote in a message to her daughters. “I am finding it difficult to cook and clean by myself. It would be nice if one of you stayed with me for a few days until I get back on my feet.”

Nancy and Jeanne were neighbors and discussed their mom’s message.

“I’m not going…Are you going? You can if you want to…But I’m not ready to look after our old mother for free,” Nancy grumbled.

“Me neither. Who wants to do free service? She might be our mother, but we still need to know what she did with her money. I wanted a share from it, and now it’s all gone,” Jeanne fumed.

The two mothers frowned and cursed their poor old mother, unaware that Tom had overheard everything.

“You’re going to your granny’s house?” Nancy angrily questioned the boy after seeing him pack his bags. “Did you forget about your mountain bike and allowance? How dare you disobey me?”

Tom stood his ground and argued that his granny was more important to him than anything else.

“I’m going. There is nothing valuable to me more than her. She loved all of us, and I’m sad she has to suffer alone now,” said Tom as he stormed out of his house.

“Ugh, granny’s house stinks! She smells musky!” his older brother Nick called out, frowning. “I’m sure you’ll soon be running back to us, Tom! Good luck!”

But Tom was determined, so he tuned them out. When he reached Margaret’s doorstep, he threw his bag and ran to her in tears.

“Grandma, please forgive me! I didn’t know mom and aunt were avoiding you. Please allow me to stay with you and take care of you.”

Moved by her grandson’s words, Margaret let him stay, but she worried he would be uncomfortable in her poorly furnished little house.

“Son, I only have one bed that I’m using. Would you mind sleeping on an old sofa?” she shyly asked Tom.

“Why not, granny? I’m comfortable as long as I’m with you. Even if you ask me to sleep on the floor, I’ll happily do it for you!”

Margaret was touched and shed tears of joy. Shortly after, she furnished the living room with an old couch that needed a bit of stitching. Later, the two spent a lot of time doing dishes and cooking. They even walked to their favorite park and chatted a lot.

Tom loved being with his grandma, surrounded by her love and blessings. He sighed and felt proud before slumping on the couch to get a good night’s rest. However, he felt something from under the cushion. He lay back, adjusted the pillow, and it collapsed on one side.

“What’s this?” he shrieked when he saw a hole beneath the mattress. Tom ran his hands in the dark cavity and jumped back in surprise after feeling something like a wooden box.

Curious and scared, the boy took the box out and gasped. There was a note and wads of cash neatly stacked in it.

“This handwriting looks familiar,” he mumbled as he picked it up to read.

“If you found this money, then you truly care about me. I’m pleased to know you love me and not my money. I want you to know that wealth is not everything. What matters most is love and care. And since you love me for who I am, you deserve to keep my $100,000. Love, Margaret.”

As it turned out, Margaret had withdrawn all the money from her bank account to bequeath it to the person who loved and cared about her.

Unfortunately, her two children failed her test, and only one grandson made it to her heart. Now it was time to put the second part of her plan into motion.

Tom rushed to her the following day and informed her about the money. Proud of his honesty, Margaret revealed that she had intentionally hidden the money inside the sofa to give it only to the most deserving.

The news of Tom’s sudden riches reached his mom and aunt’s ears. They decided to curry favor with their mother, hoping to get a share of the money. But Margaret had other plans.

The next day, Margaret and Tom met with her lawyer and signed the necessary paperwork. According to Margaret’s will, the $100K would only go to Tom as soon as he turned 18. Only he would have the right to the money, and nobody, not even his mother, would get a dime from it.

After learning of their mother’s will, Nancy and Jeanne were furious. They still thought they could try and talk her out of it.

“Mom is still alive, and we have a lot of time to change her mind,” Nancy told Jeanne on their way to meet their mother.

“You’re right. We have to convince her to modify the will before she dies. She is our mother and will melt in our love,” Jeanne laughed. The sisters plotted to convince Margaret to change her will.

“Mom, we’re glad you’re alright!” Nancy said, extending a warm hug to her mother.

“Look what we got for you…Your favorite cake and these shawls to keep you warm,” Jeanne added.

To their shock, Margaret was far from pleased.

“MOTHER??? I’m sorry but do I know you, ladies?” taunted Margaret. “I only have one family, my grandson, and nobody else. You may leave, or I’ll call the cops.”

Margaret slammed the door on Nancy and Jeanne, who had no choice but to walk away, dejected.

“It’s all your fault,” Jeanne blamed her sister.

“Oh, really? You could have used your brain instead of listening to me, loser,” Nancy retorted.

Meanwhile, Tom stayed with his granny and looked after her. He cut ties with his greedy mother and aunt and couldn’t be happier to be around his grandma.

What can we learn from this story?

Your future is created by the deeds you do today. After learning of their mother’s empty bank account, Nancy and Jeanne refused to take care of her. They lost the $100K fortune Margaret actually had because of this.
What you do to your parents will come back to you. Margaret’s daughters ignored and hated her after discovering she had wiped her bank balance clean. In the end, Nancy’s son Tom became the legal heir to his granny’s money, and he cut ties with his mom for being cruel to his grandma.

An 86-year-old woman did not have anyone to care for her until a poor boy stepped into her life. He became her companion in many ways, but a shocking incident made the woman realize how much she needed him.

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