Rich Boy Is Stunned to Learn His Girlfriend Goes to Prom with Disabled Classmate – Story of the Day

Bruce was the most popular kid in school and could get any girl he wanted. However, he met his match when the new girl, Angie, stepped into the scene. After Bruce insults Angie’s disabled friend, Bruce must reflect and change his ways.

Bruce was the coolest kid in school. His father was a wealthy tycoon, so he always had the latest clothes, gadgets, and accessories. His life was built around his image, popularity, and people’s thoughts.

The boy was charming, did fairly well in school, but there was one drawback that could potentially turn him into an ignorant, unkind grown-up: He didn’t think much of people he deemed of an inferior social class.

Not that it affected Bruce’s likeability in school in any way. He was very popular among the girls and could have his pick of the litter.

However, one day a new girl, Angie, showed up at school. Angie was beautiful, intelligent, and caring. Bruce first laid eyes on her in the cafeteria and was instantly mesmerized.

As he watched her walk through the cafeteria with a warm, confident smile, it was as if she was the only person in the room. She had a lollipop in her mouth, but her smile somehow still managed to show off her snow-white teeth. Angie was with her disabled friend, Jake, who was on a wheelchair.

“Who is that?” Bruce asked one of his friends at the ‘cool’ table.

“Oh, yeah. The new girl. I think her name is Angie. We share a few classes,” Bruce’s friend explained.

“Angie,” Bruce said to himself, his eyes still locked on her.

Angie walked towards a table of her friends. Several were disabled students in wheelchairs, including Jake and a girl named Amy, Angie’s childhood friend.

Bruce instantly shot up as she sat to join them, rearing himself to approach her. Bruce walked up to her with his chest out and a cocky bump in his stride.

“Hi, there. I don’t believe we’ve met,” Bruce said to Angie with his hand out for a handshake. The table went quiet.

“Are you not going to greet everybody else?” Angie said, ignoring his handshake.

“Oh… Uhm… Hi, guys,” Bruce said to the rest of the table, who all responded with a simple “Hi,” back. On the other hand, Amy raised her hand with a jolly “Hello!”

“Hi, I’m Angie,” she said with a warm smile, now shaking his hand.

“I’m Bruce. So, why are you with these disabled kids? Someone as beautiful as yourself should be with us at the popular table,” Bruce said rather smugly. At that very moment, Angie withdrew her hand from his grip.

“Wow! You’re not serious, are you?” Angie asked in astonishment.

“What? Did I say something wrong?” Bruce asked, oblivious to his arrogance and insults.

“If you don’t mind, we’re trying to have lunch, and you’re disturbing us… Brock,” Angie coldly said, turning to her friends again and giving Bruce the cold shoulder.

“You had one the first time I saw you. Then it hit me. You simply aren’t interested in me. I’ve tried everything to get your attention.”
“It’s Bruce,” Bruce muttered as he turned back, heading to his table.

After that, Bruce was on a mission to get Angie’s attention. The following weeks saw Bruce courting Angie with everything from flowers to grand gestures at school sports events. But Angie simply wasn’t having it.

One day, Angie came across a sad Bruce sitting at the school entrance steps as he looked at to lollipops in his hand. Angie felt sorry for the boy. He wasn’t his usual over-confident self. She approached him and sat next to him.

“Why are you staring at lollipops, Richie Rich?” Angie asked. Bruce turned to her, surprised.

“Uhm… I got myself one at the tuck shop and thought you might like one too. You had one the first time I saw you. Then it hit me. You simply aren’t interested in me. I’ve tried everything to get your attention,” Bruce confessed.

“Hmm… That’s actually kind of sweet,” Angie said, grabbing one of the lollipops.

From that day, Bruce and Angie started to spend more time together. The more time Bruce spent with Angie, the more he began to change. He was less cocky and wasn’t preoccupied with his popularity as much. They would study together and help each other with homework.

Bruce even signed up for recycling and community service activities with Angie after school. Angie was bringing out the best in Bruce, and Bruce was head over heels for her. Angie also started to grow feelings for him as she noticed the change in his heart.

The two eventually started dating closer to graduation. Prom was around the corner, and Bruce was planning to ask Angie to be his prom date. He had thought it would go without saying that they’d go together, but he wanted to make an event of it. So, Bruce set up a romantic picnic for him and Angie.

“I’m serious… Would you go to prom with me?” Bruce asked.

“Watch your tone! That’s my friend we are talking about.”

“Oh, Bruce. I’m sorry, I can’t. I’d already promised Jake I’d go with him,” Angie said.

“What? Without telling me?” an irked Bruce barked.

“I’m sorry. It slipped my mind. I didn’t think you’d mind. He’s my friend and we’d planned this way before anything became serious between us,” Angie said.

“You didn’t think I’d mind you ditching me for a disabled kid?” Bruce snapped more furiously.

“Watch your tone! That’s my friend we are talking about,” Angie retorted, meeting his energy.

“Oh, save it! You’re trying to play me, huh?” Bruce continued. Angie said nothing and began to pack her things. Bruce realized he had gone too far.

“Angie, I’m sorry,” Bruce pleaded as she got up.

“It’s okay. I’ll be fine. Thanks for the picnic, Bruce. Goodbye,” Angie said before walking off.

“Angie!” Bruce yelled to an unyielding Angie as he watched her disappear into the distance.

Bruce was heartbroken, and it seemed that his outburst was the last straw for Angie. He hated himself for being rude to her and speaking without thinking. Angie was his everything to him, and he had jeopardized all that in the name of his pride.

A few days later, it was prom day. Angie had shown up with her friend Jake. As much as she was angry at Bruce and thought she couldn’t forgive him, she did miss him. She hadn’t seen him since the prom started and wondered where he was.

She left Jake to go get a drink for them both. When she came back, Angie was shocked at what she saw before her. She saw Bruce dancing with Amy from a distance on the dance floor. Amy looked jollier than ever, and Bruce was equally as cheerful. It turned out Bruce had ended up making Amy his prom date. Angie’s heart melted within her.

Bruce and Angie’s eyes finally locked as she continued to look on from a distance with the warmest smile. Bruce spent the rest of the night with Amy, helping her and entertaining her. Angie watched but didn’t interrupt.

His popular friends looked on judgementally, but Bruce ignored the sidelong glances of his old friends. Finally, towards the night’s end, Angie approached him and invited him to a slow dance. Bruce apologized and explained that he had a little time to reconsider his actions over the past few days.

He said that after their last conversation, he realized how wrong he was. Angie had helped him grow into a better person, and he wanted to continue on that path even if it was without her. However, he was happy and honored to be able to have her in his arms again.

Even more than that, he just wanted to do whatever it would take to see her happy and smiling. Angie thanked him and kissed him. After that day, they reconciled, giving their relationship another go.

What can we learn from this story?

Do not overreact or insist on your way. Instead, try to understand others. If Bruce had been more open to and understanding of what Angie wanted to do for her friend, it would not have cost him time with the love of his life. If he had understood and considered the type of person Angie was, things wouldn’t have been so complicated.
Reconciliation is possible when you learn from your mistakes. Bruce picked up on his mistakes and changed his attitude. As a result, he finds forgiveness from Angie.

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